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✔️Obecnie, damage to the phone through flooding is a very common fault among smartphones and tablets. Although many new smartphones are marketed as 'waterproof', water damage can still occur. What is the best way to fix it?
Advice to users: switch off the device as soon as possible!

✔️Dość It is common for phone users to accidentally drop their phone in water or spill a glass of drink on it. If coffee, cola or sea salt water is spilled on the phone, the circuit board can be severely damaged due to the degree of acidity of these fluids. There is a popular myth circulating among the opinions about the effectiveness of the way to dry the phone by putting the flooded phone into a bowl filled with rice to remove the moisture. But unfortunately, by doing so, some of the liquid will still remain inside the phone's casing, which can corrode components.

✔️Konsumenci will also try to get a flood-damaged phone working! Charging is very dangerous, however, as it can cause a short circuit.

✔️Najważniejszą advice we can give to users with a flooded phone is to switch off the device as soon as possible to prevent short circuits, as this will protect the phone's electronics from more damage. Then the best solution, is to take the phone to a qualified phone repair service.

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▪️W In the case of a flooded phone, it is the reaction time that counts. If your smartphone is flooded, switch it off as quickly as possible and disconnect the battery if possible.

▪️Naprawiamy all phone models after flooding. We specialize in repairing flooded Apple iPhone, Samsung, Huawei / Honor, LG, Sony, HTC, Xiaomi, Lenovo / Motorola, Meizu, Oppo, ZTE, Nokia, Sony, Alcatel, Asus, Blackview, CAT, Dooogee, Elephone, Pocophone, Google, Homtom, Microsoft, ONEPLUS, Prestigio, Manta


We have good news - YES! If you have backed up your data beforehand - success! More importantly, phones can be repaired even if there is significant damage due to flooding. You just need to act fast and take the right steps - get your phone to a repair service as soon as possible!

A popular myth is to put your phone in a bag of dry rice and leave it for 24 to 36 hours or longer. It's cheap, easy and can be done in no time. But this method can have some negatives: the rice will not absorb all the moisture from inside the phone. The electronics will be exposed to corrosion and micro-breaks. The phone may be irreparably damaged - we strongly advise against drying the phone in rice. The only effective method of repair is to have the motherboard and the inside of the phone cleaned at a proven service centre.

In some cases, the water damage indicator will appear on the battery itself or even on the phone and battery. If the water damage indicator is WHITE, this means that the phone is not water damaged. If the water damage indicator is RED or RED, it means that the water damage indicator has been triggered.

Yes! But in this case, what counts is a fast response time - i.e. getting the phone to the service centre.

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